March 7, 2012

Games, games, GAMES!!!!!!!

I've always been a big board games person. I started playing Monopoly with my mom when I was in the 1st grade. I've always loved the game!! My mom and I would have games lasting days, week and sometimes even months. Monopoly is the one game that I have not lost interest in.

Well for the girls birthday that just passed last month my parents bought them Crazy Cash Monopoly game(with my recommendation of course). It is for ages 5+ and up to 4 people can play. The day we brought it home Dawn & I played it first(to see how long it would take to get through). It lasted a pretty long time. We spent over a hour playing it. However it was REALLY fun!!

So last night we played with the girls. And they LOVED it!!
Brittney moving

ATM spewing money!

As you can tell they were really getting into it. Ashley was losing a lot of her money but she was actually excited about it. Brittney kept getting ahead of herself. Before Ashley would even move Brittney snatched up the die and started to roll. LOL!! It was great and within a 1/2 hour the game was finished. Ashley lost all her money. Brittney had $26, Dawn had $36 and I had $25 left.

Earlier that day, when Dawn was on her way home, the girls and I got out the Cootie game and they played with it. They REALLY love that game and love making silly faces for their bug. They also used different legs for each roll. I don't have any pictures from the ending of the game but here is some from when they were playing it.

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