December 3, 2013

Long post?

It has been a while since I have posted. But I think I have a valid reason(well probably not but hey....what can I do).

Our girls are now in 1st grade! Man has time flown!

I am in process of starting to write a book. How far have I gotten? Well I am still mapping out my characters.

OH!! But the biggest excitement yet!!

Engagement rings

Yup you've guessed it! I'm engaged!!

This happened on 2/14 of this year. And even better news: we are venturing out to Iowa in March to get legally married!!

I am beyond excited!
I have so much I have to do this month(send in forms for marriage license, get passport card papers done). Then in January/February we will be buying my dress, plane tickets & hotel reservation.

Now our girls will NOT be coming to this. This will be our own private ceremony along with our honeymoon. Then in a year or two we will have a friends & family ceremony here in town at our church.

Don't worry, I will try to update this more often!