October 6, 2011

First there were 3, then....YOU came along!!

So I wasn't sure when I was going to do this but it is inevitable...like DEATH and TAXES. Which is oddly similar... ;)

We aren't the typical lesbian household. We didn't get together(spend years just the 2 of us), get an education, save up money, spend THOUSANDS $$$ TTC and then get "blessed" with these twins. Nope....but no hurt feelings here. I am happy with the result of my family and my darling partner doesn't seem to mind either.

I was 18 years old when I got knocked up. I was in a......ewww HETERO relationship. That shit turned for the worse!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!
Found out I was preggo July 24th, 2006....gave birth... February 24th, 2007. In the meantime in Ohio..... Dear partner was enjoy her senior year in high school.

We met randomly. She messaged me on FB...and we started talking. 2 days later we met in person and have been inseparable ever since. Our technical date of relationship "starting" was March 20th, 2010. One month and one day after we met. We went out to dinner that night...Outback...bought a bloomin' onion and the bloomin' burger and shared a cheesecake piece. I took her outside, we sat the bench talking and I asked her to be my girlfriend. I hate saying that now. GIRLFRIEND!!! ::shivers:: Sounds like we were dating. I hate thinking about that.

The beginning is always so lovey dovey and intoxicating you wonder when it ends. When is the honeymoon over and you KNOW you still want to be together?!?! I used to get so drunk off of that phase but never made it passed it. Would there still be magic after the removal of the terrible rose-colored glasses??

For once in my life my feelings stayed! I drown in it even now... 1 1/2 years afterwards. I still feel the same way. I love her faults, I love her absentmindedness!! I love the way she can't find shit in BROAD daylight. And none of it makes me want to backhand her!!! Now the girlfriend thing is gone. I hate those words....I despise them!! She is my partner, my wife, my best friend. She is everything to me. And I love her so much.

I am glad we met like we did. Everything happened in both of our lives for a reason to bring us to where we are today. Because of the girls, I moved to Georgia. Because of moving to Ga I met Dawn. I never would of came down here. I never would of left Indiana....at least I don't think so. ::shrugs:: we'll never know.

All I know is I love my non-traditional family, OUR twin girls and I love this GAY life. I wouldn't change it for all the gold, promises and wishes in the world(but a permanent move to Germany would be nice).

Not all(OBVIOUSLY) lesbian relationships start off with kids already there. Some do. Some adopt before they met their partner, some start out like ours but some get lucky enough to start their family together. Not one situation is better than the other. When most lesbians are getting over the diaper phase we will be putting ours in college. We get to enjoy our retirement NOT parenting(though does it really ever stop?!?!) I am happy with our situation. I've accepted it happily.

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