September 29, 2011

October....busy, busy month!!

Well our October month is PRETTY busy. The first weekend, which is coming up in 2 days, we are going camping. My AmAzInG in-laws gave us their camping spots at Lake Lanier a couple of weeks ago. They just recently bought a house up north, about 30 mins from Chattanooga, and plan on spending the weekend moving stuff in. So we are lucky enough to go camping earlier than we intended. We had originally planned to go camping towards the end of the month, but luckily we were given a more closer date. My parents plan on coming to the campsite on Saturday to hang out with us. My dad plans on bringing his boat so HOPEFULLY I can talk him into taking Dawn and I fishing. It is supposed to be the coldest day of the week on Saturday, with the low in the 40's. But I am kinda looking forward to camping when it isn't 80-90 degrees out.

Then the next weekend we have the Atlanta Pride to attend to. We plan on leaving that Friday to go to Dawn's parents house in Atlanta and staying there to whole weekend so we are closer to the city and rail system(MARTA). We don't get into the city often because Dawn isn't a big fan of Atlanta but when we do go it is always GREAT!! Last year we took the girls to Pride and it was awesome!! They really loved the Parade and all the attention they got. People LOVED the girls. We marched in the Dyke March last year too. By the time that happened, though, the girls were CRANKY so we carried them the majority of the time(and also was in the VERY back).

We do sorta get a break one the 3rd weekend but I am sure by then we will find SOMETHING to do. And then the 4th weekend is prepping time for Halloween. I plan on making me(and hopefully Dawn) a homemade costume. Something funny that catches people's attention. Dawn doesn't really want to dress up but I'll be able to persuade her.

I know my readers are a little limited right now but if you have any suggestions about good make at home costumes we would love to hear them. :)

Well I think I am done. The girls are finishing up breakfast then it is off to the school room we go. Thanks for listening and until next time....

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