October 22, 2011

2 + 4= 6

Well....back in July we got Mr. Sir...a 2-3 yr old guinea pig. But he seemed lonely. So 2 weeks later we got Landon. When we got Landon he was only about 9 weeks old.

Fast forward to September/October. Landon has gotten bigger. But not as long as he is fat.
I picked him up....and felt movement in his tummy. Checked his.....privates....
Yup HE is actually a SHE and SHE is pregnant.

Now on October 22, 2011 our London(we changed her name) gave birth  to 4 babies!!!

We don't know sexes yet. Soon I want to put them in their pin we bought the guinea pigs back in July(but the babies need to get bigger first). They make such CUTE guinea pig squeaks. I knew she was going to deliver today...at least I was hoping. I am so glad she did it while we were home.
We separated London from Mr. Sir....we have a C&C cage that is 2 levels...Mr. Sir is now on top and London & babies are on bottom.

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