November 7, 2011

Time Fliesssss

Well this weekend we are going camping AGAIN!! Lol!! As if LAST time wasn't horrible enough for us.
My IL gave us their last camping spot for the "season".  :) I am excited!! We changed our location(last one was RIGHT on the water) to a more tree-guarded area. Hopefully all the leaves don't fall off before we get there. 2 weeks ago we went to the campground to look around at the ones we thought we might want. The only one we REALLY liked has trees surrounding it. It was soooo pretty when we went to see it. Orange, red, yellow and green all around. Not windy at all so we MIGHT be able to have a fire. We are inviting my parents to the site on Friday for dinner. Hopefully it isn't too windy for my mom(she is said).

Next weekend me and my lovely partner are going to......THE MOVIES!!! WooHoo!!
We plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1. Yup the day AFTER it comes out in theaters. I am excited about it. I have been into Twilight before I met Dawn. And no I am not one of the CrAzY fans. Didn't understand what it was about til I saw the 1st movie. Was seriously out of the loop. When the 1st movie came out a friend, ATT, took me to it(along with her boyfriend). It was good and I was hooked. That was the ONLY time I ever saw one of the Twilight movies in theater.....until next weekend. I am fortunate to have great parents(we both are) to watch the girls so we can have a date night. Those happen about once in a BLUE MOON(actually it has been shorter than 19years...LOL!!). Shockingly though this is our 3rd movie we have seen THIS year in theaters. The first one was The Green Hornet then we saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon and now Breaking Dawn. This is a record not only for us but for me. We plan on indulging ourselves with a GIANT popcorn bucket and a GIANT drink(as big as we can) because this is PROBABLY going to be our last one until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out.

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