April 27, 2012


I seriously don't update this thing enough. But ah that is the life of a busy housewife. Some things have been going on(don't worry nothing really serious).

First off...we aren't doing the home-school thing. I know, I know....I'm a little sad too. But as of right now this isn't possible. And my partner really wants them to try out Kindergarten first. And if things don't work out then 1st grade we may pull them both out or just one(depends). But I am okay with that.

I am job hunting and have been for over a month there. Anything will do, I just need to get it done. No results yet but I am determined...and slightly desperate. I am preferably looking for something in the evening and weekends.

You know...it's so funny because last year when I was job hunting I was looking for jobs during the day so I could be free in the evenings and weekends. And a lot of places were looking for night and evening work. And now it is the total opposite. sigh This is really frustrating. We can't afford...or at least we can't afford me to work just to pay for daycare. It seems redundant to me to have daycare and work then come to find out the only thing you are paying for is the care.

And to top off all this stress I have been a stay at home mom for the past  5 years. The only kind of job experience I have is the 3 months I worked during my pregnancy at Pizza Hut. I do have some slight volunteer work, with a local parenting group, as my role is to promote the group in real life and on the internet. But.....

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