April 1, 2011

Round 1

Today is my first day for posting a blog. I thought I would do this from now on so I always have written memories. Seeing as you don't remember everything that happens to you I'd like to have something to look back on. Something to remind me of the little things.

Well a little bit about me and my family.
I'm Megan, bio mom to our first set of twins. Our daughters names are Ashley and Brittney and their other mothers name is Dawn. Another post will explain how our family came to be, including the birth story of our girls.
Me and Dawn met in 2010. She messaged me on Facebook, I was nervous about responding but I am so glad that I did. At the time this post is written we have been together for a year. My longest relationship. I love her dearly. More than I have anyone else(except for our girls, of course).

I'll write more later. It is time to feed the munchkins. :)   Glad I finally have this up & running. Have a good day. Post you later.

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